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Don’t get PHISHED in our interconnected world!

Protect yourself online: So how do you spot a phishing attack? Start by looking for some of these characteristics: Sensitive information, such as login credentials, intellectual property, business information, or your own personal information, is requested. l The email or … Continue reading

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President Lincoln’s Death – 150 years ago on Good Friday 1865

Following so closely the Lee Surrender @ Appomattox Court House; President Lincoln’s fateful trip to Ford’s Theater for “An American Cousin” is remembered in these images: Memories about our 16th President’s Assassination – 150 years ago. Recall that Secretary of … Continue reading

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Oy! Our Federal Debt may be worse than thought?!

. Is there a silver lining to this VERY, VERY dark cloud for our future? “What’s the word for our fiscal situation? Stunning? Shocking? Desperate? In recent testimony before the Senate Budget Committee, Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, in … Continue reading

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Memorializing the Most Important Surrender in American History

Two officers and gentlemen – fellow West Pointers – called it quits after a great Civil War. “Over the fifteen decades since the end of the Civil War, the “memory” of the war has become increasingly artificial given that nobody … Continue reading

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Brookings Blog – Is there hope for our kids’ American Dreams?

Here’s the Brookings link: href=”–uY9TBOux-9OvDS04ZgTMjPsc880vL4Gj2sI6aMC-_xgoEzmr2A7fYxReg4tFdCLkvLmLmuACJDdP-loNc6OUsJvAwHqORohH2fBGNSHbrKsoWCYw&_hsmi=16905719″ Fingers crossed!

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A Century of the Fed (Cato Institute article) – I reserve my judgment

A Roadmap to Monetary Policy Reforms u=98c97f42691d5de57bc944822&id=967da7a4ee&e=697678cc60 by Norbert Michel We now have a 100-year history by which to judge the Federal Reserve’s performance. On balance, the Fed has not increased economic stability relative to the pre-Fed era. The … Continue reading

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