Hope for Retirees ?! and a Russian Poet’s “Love of Life on the Downside”


1. HOPE!

Thanks to two WSJ OPED authors that assured me Boomers may have bigger nest eggs that some darned FED statistics suggest.

The link to this upbeat Golden Year article is: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304603704579329012635470796 [ this is the source of my nest egg image by the way ].

2. Loving Life on the Downslope – Thank you Pushkin!

Quoting from a recent WSJ article about a classic mid-life elegy (http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304325004579298622623826110)

“Pushkin bestows what is almost certainly among the shortest and most powerful inventory of life’s immutable treasures penned by a poet:

“I know there shall be enjoyments for me

Amid sorrows, cares and anxieties:

At times I again will be intoxicated by harmony,

Weep over my fantasy’s creation,

And perhaps on my sad sunset

Love will shine its farewell smile.” “

Enough said for now (as I’m looking downslope).

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Another Day of THANKS





Here’s to our national day of appreciation for gratitude and THANKS.

While speaking of thanks – here’s a WSJ shoutout for whom I now call “saint Squanto” and his own miracle pilgrimage:



Happy Thanksgiving Animated Gifs

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We’ll never forget that Tuesday morning, 14 years ago, and the long war against extremism since.

I was motoring back to London on a business trip when I heard on BBC2 that “the New York skyline is changed forever.”

Is the world a better place since 2001?  My jury is still out.

Yet – for the countless acts of selfless heroism on that fateful NYC, DC and cornfield morning – I’ll be forever grateful.

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Mid-day work outs – – – work for employers too!

Productivity rises with mid-day exercise

I’ve long felt this to be the case for me.

I’m glad that some studies also show the benefits of mid-day exercise at work . . .

As Phil Knight would encourage us – Just Do It!

Yours in wellness,


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The 1 Thing That Will Ultimately Determine Your Success as a Leader

Trust !

Leading with Trust

Helping HandLeadership is a complex endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

We tend to make things more complicated than they need to be and that’s definitely true in the field of leadership. To prove my point, go to Amazon.com and search their book listings for the word “leadership” and see how many returns you get (but wait until you finish reading this article!). What did you find? It was 138,611 as of the writing of this post.

Browsing the titles of some popular best-sellers would lead you to believe that in order to be a successful leader you just need to find the magical keys, take the right steps, follow the proper laws, figure out the dysfunctions, embrace the challenge, ascend the levels, look within yourself, look outside yourself, form a tribe, develop the right habits, know the rules, break the rules, be obsessed, learn the new science, or discover…

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No Regrets (or at least some things to avoid before “it’s too late.”)

Later will be here soon enough.

Everyone has regrets, but what do people regret the most? Learn what they are and make sure not to allow them in your life.

Thanks to the INC.com author for this reflective article!

Life is full of choices, and many of them come with uncertainty. We can never know what might have been if we had chosen differently.

No life will ever be completely clear of opportunity for regret. Failed relationships, missed opportunities, poor judgment calls. Some choices seem easy at the time and later turn out to have been poorly informed; others are difficult from the beginning.

But some regrets are more fundamental, greater in scope. They tend not to focus on a single moment or area, but how life is lived.

Here are a dozen potential regrets to make sure you’re keeping far away.

1. I wish I had spent more time with the people I love.

It’s easy to let that time slip away, but once it’s gone you can never get it back.

2. I wish I had worried less.

Worry is just using your imagination to create the things you don’t want.

3. I wish I had forgiven more.

It takes a strong person to say “I’m sorry,” and an even stronger person to forgive. Forgive and let go–free yourself from grudges and enjoy happiness instead of wasting it.

4. I wish I had stood up for myself.

Never allow yourself to be bullied or silenced. No one is more important in this world than you are.

5. I wish I had lived my own life.

Spend your time now working on the things you want to accomplish–or even try. Build a business, cultivate a great career, build a family, run a marathon. The greatest success lies in living your life in your own way.

6. I wish I had been more honest.

If you don’t own up to your own elemental truth, falsehood will ultimately end up owning you. Honesty is the clearest path.

7. I wish I had worked less.

Working constantly for something you don’t passionately care about adds nothing but stress to your life. And even if the passion is there, keep your workload in balance with the rest of your life.

8. I wish I had cared less about what other people think.

Stop wasting your moments on other people’s opinions. Ultimately they are just opinions from those who don’t fully share your reality.

9. I wish I had lived up to my full potential.

Live up to your own aspirations, not down to others’ expectations. There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

10. I wish I had faced my fears.

Life is found in the distance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear. Remember, fear is only temporary, but regret lasts forever.

11. I wish I’d stopped chasing the wrong things.

When you let the wrong things go, you can give the right things a chance to catch you.

12. I wish I’d lived more in the moment.

Make a difference today. Make it a day worth remembering.

Take a few moments now and then and revisit your business, your life, your leadership.

Ask yourself if there is anything that you might regret later. And if there is, take action.

Later will be now before you know it.

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Strength Matters!

It’s Strength – NOT BMI – that matters

Note this article’s focus on grip strength as a “leading indicator” of wellness.

Grip 'em good

Thanks to this Men’s Health author (Lou Schuler) for writing about what matters a whole lot more than the BMI equation.

Get String!


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4 ways to better appreciate our lives

Thanks to the Washington Post for these simple – yet hard – reminders.

Note to self!

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