My goodness – what a week we’ve had ?!

An unusual week in mid-July!

Rare sightings for summer San Diego -> lightning, thunder and lots of precious rain arrived last weekend.

We received a record total of rain for the entire month in less than a day.

WooHoo.  C’mon El Nino!

Donald Trump arrived at our US-Mexico border to share his love.

* Brilliant move for a draft-deferred civilian!  Sir Donald asserted that John McCain isn’t a hero, because he was captured.

Trump – legend in his own mind

And then he shared Senator Graham’s cell phone number.

I wonder what a Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump election would do for world stability?

NASA’s New Horizons rekindled our interest in Pluto as the solar system’s ghost planet  after a decade voyage.

Then – scientists  reported there is a planet in a star system 1,400 light years away that might be suitable for oxygen-based life.  Howdy neighbor!

Earth-like planet

Apple Corporation makes great numbers for its fiscal quarter – yet shares drop.

Go figure…

I purchased NETFLIX and PAYPAL positions – and both adjust southward.

That figures  🙂

Barack Obama heads for east Africa – as our first President to visit Ghana.

Tragic shootings in Chattanooga, TN shook all Americans.

* What can we do to predict lone wolf attacks as acts of domestic terror?  Hopefully something.

Does he or doesn’t he?  Is Tour de France rider C. Froome “clean?”

Keep the faith in our zany world,



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A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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