My Look back at an eventful 2014 – by Letter

My alphabetical shorthand for 365 eventful days of 2014 follows.

I limited each letter to one event, topic or person, – though most of my 2014 letters have more memorable moments for me to blog. Some are local and personal.  Others are global and front-page material.

(Passages of people are noted by my *) .


A Afghanistan (pullout by US Forces as our Long War “winds down”)

B Boys in the Boat (an awesome saga of a sport well-oared by Daniel J. Brown)

C Car Talk (Tom Magliozzi*)

D Drones (commercial and military)

E Ebola Virus

F Ford Explorer rollover

G Gwynn*, Tony (#19 and San Diego’s Mr. Baseball)

H Himmel*, Larry (long-time San Diego TV gent)

I Interview (The) – Sony’s comedy

J Rivers*, JOAN

K Kinky Boots (musical)

L LYFT (my pink moustache gig for riders’ shared economy)

M Mid-term Elections

N North Korea

O One year-old Grandson (Holden Emerson Smith)

P Putin

Q Qualcomm

R Rest in Peace, Richard Hascal Brill (my father-in-law)

S SOCHI – Winter Olympiad

T  24 Hour Fitness (my employment as a Certified Personal Trainer)

U Ukraine

V von Trapp (last Sound of Music principal)

W World Cup (FIFA) in Brazil with Germany prevailing (and Tim Howard shining as USA’s keeper).

I violate my rubric to mention the sad passing of one that made so many happy for so long – Robin Williams.

X MaXimilian Schell* (this is a stretch but better than X-Men II)

Y Yellin, Janet and the Federal Reserve (a good year in our US “bull” economy)

Z Zamperini, Louis*  Unbroken and posthumous Rose Bowl grand marshal.


I wish everyone (and their acquaintances) a best possible 2015.



About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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