Kennedy’s CAMELOT ending plus a half century

For America’s baby boomers and those in the Greatest Generation- it was a chilling day… Jackie’s pink dress, LBJ in Air Force One, Walter Cronkite conveying the mortal news, and the soon-to-follow somber funeral procession for John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

We lost the Camelot feeling, and perhaps our innocence when LH Oswald (acting alone?) fired those shots from the Dallas Book Depository.

As Don McLean wrote and sang, “Bye , Bye Miss American Pie”.

For the record, my first hint of that assassination was sounds of crying 8th grade girls outside Mrs. Blank’s 4th grade classroom. I did go to my Boy Scout meeting that night, after watching the black and white TV for a bit.

We were so close to a repeat assassination when Ronald Reagan and others were shot in Washington, DC.

Thank goodness these tragic events are few and far between.


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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