11-11 (Armistice Day)


Thinking about service at Chatieu Thierry and Utah Beach to a frozen Chosin or godforsaken canyons in central Asia to teeming jungles; this proud American thanks every Veteran and his/her extended family that served a cause larger than self.

A snippet in today’s Wall Street Journal by Bob Greene offers timeless gratitude in words more eloquent than I could ever hope for.  Imagine the author looking at a granite obelisk in his Ohio hometown with names of WWII veterans…

“As I look at the list of names, I think of what today so often passes as evidence of camaraderie and alliances: Facebook friends, Twitter followers.  Though veterans everywhere may go their separate ways, the bond they share seems somehow more solid and sustaining.  Like the bond of those men in my hometown, forever in formation on the four faces of that slab of stone.”

Thank you and yours!



About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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