Fall Back, All Saints / Dia de los muertos, One Year after Hurricane Sandy and Honoring our Veterans. Okay – congrats to the Boston Red Sox too.

Except for the few learned states in our Union that know better, we in California endured another FALL BACK milestone for the end of Daylight Saving Time.  That’s right – a singular saving (aka summer time).

Illustration image

Standard Time Ponderables:

  1. Do the cows really know or care what time it is?

  2. If the school kids have light in the morning – don’t they have dark when they return home in the afternoon?

  3. What was Ben Franklin thinking?

* All Saints and Day of the Dead –

I think it is an outstanding idea to honor both the quick and the dead. 

I also think its great that saints are looking over me.  I need that. We lost an elder family friend on All Hallows EVE.  That gent, in my book was a saint. Thanks for the new high cover and watchfulness, Wes!

* I caught myself saying Happy almost Veteran’s Day yesterday. [I was chatting with a Veteran after a rowing lesson].

Note to self – a Thank You will do.

Whether this is an accurate Orwell quote or not, I am truly glad that “rough men stand ready to do violence on (my) behalf”.

* The Jersey Shore on which I grew up is slowly coming back after that Mother of All Storms last October.  Garden State Strong!

Have a fine Autumn (without another perfect storm).


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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