Reflections on this Constitution Day and on events of this week past (9/11, Friday 13th…)

We the people cannot heap enough accolades on those brilliant 39 gents that forged our Constitution (at least in my opinion) on an earlier September 17th in history.

I offer Congressman Randy Forbes’ nonpartisan views of  timeless principles that should shape our lives as a great nation of great folks: 

Last Week: 

A shooting star traced across the San Diego skyline as we drove to pick up our son at Lindbergh Field [late] on 9-11-2013.

I am among those that clearly remember the first words heard about our Tuesday, 9-11-2001 terrorism and heroism.

I was on a British motorway on that day 12 years ago when I turned on BBC2 and heard: “the skyline of New York City is changed forever”.  I haven’t been to that Pennsylvania field where “Let’s Roll” means so much for heroism. I haven’t been to the Ground Zero memorial (yet).  I have visited the sobering and impressive Pentagon Memorial.  Many Brits offered their heartfelt condolences to this Yank that week before I was able to fly home from Heathrow.  You can imaging the loud cheers of us passengers when we were wheels down in Chicago on Sunday the 16th.

Never Forget! I was quite teary-eyed on that Friday the 14th when the British people observed several minutes of national silence for their own and ours that perished.

Friday the 13th was a safe day for 2013 – no black cats or ladder incidents to record.  I don’t fear the number 13. I love to see sports players wearing that “unlucky” number – Dan Marino and others.

Another event of last week: How about Voyager 1 leaving the Solar System after 36 years in space? What great deeds came from NASA. Hopefully more great deeds are ahead.  Go Voyager 1!  Go NASA (and Space X).

Not to close on another somber topic – yet it’s been half a decade since the Lehman Brothers house of cards triggered the greatest recession of my lifetime.  Like so many happenings in life – there were Cassandras and clear warning signs which we missed or chose to set aside.  Ouch!

Here’s to a brighter future for our post 9-11 nation and this crazy world in which we live.




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