Beware these Ides of March. Is life stranger?

Halfway between Sequestration Friday and our Government shutdown [ Obamageddon?] – the Ides beckon.  Hmmm.

Isn’t life stranger these days?  

* Dennis Rodman travels to buddy up with the North Korean leader.


* Vermonter Calvin Coolidge is getting recognition – 80 years later – for balanced federal budgets and controlled government growth as a strong US President.

* Another elite athlete – this time the South African “Blade Runner” – gets into big trouble.

* Will any College Team stay ranked as #1 through this March Madness?

* Pope Benedict steps down to move next door and begin his scholarly writings in red shoes.

* The odds of a meteor striking Earth are higher than my death in a commercial airline.

Should I feel safe?


* The Reflationist term is gaining traction among us economic worry warts.  It’s been around since 1932, btw.

* Here is a modernist Psalm 23 by M. Helprin in today’s WSJ: 

Lets all have a best possible, albeit strange, month of March.


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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