Oh no Te’o, Liar Lance and other musings

As Syria burns and an Algerian energy plant got strafed; our recent raging news stories were about a hoax and a compulsive liar in sports. Oy! Oprah!!

I’m thinking that I’ll stick with rowing and give up skiing as a cross-sport: http://www.jibjab.com/view/KFbwZx7iRHG4njUaJZHkgA?utm_campaign=URL+Copy&utm_medium=Share&utm_source=JibJab&cmpid=jj_url

Chip Kelly – I wish you well exiting Oregon and serving as the Eagle Head Coach / target of those passionate fans.

Are you as puzzled as I am that our outgoing Exchequer Geithner says our economy is so robust?

I will be glued to Monday’s webcasts of Coronation Day (oops I meant Inauguration Day as in 4 more for #44) , which was already a MLK jr. National Holiday for some.

How can Senator Reid look himself in the mirror? Wouldn’t it be nice if your and my households could spend wantonly for 3 years without a budget!?

I acknowledge the likely result of this Congressional Oath of Office Regatta (as expressed in this 11/17/13 cartoon from the LA Times):



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