Happy and Sad…

Happy:  I am happy to NOT be a cranberry 🙂


All the best for safe driving, good football, feasting and family time this Holiday weekend!

Sad: From moneynews.com and MSSB:

“Other noted economists worry 2013 could be a bumpy year as well.

Four elements — stalling U.S. growth rates, Europe’s debt crisis, cooling emerging markets, namely China, and military conflict in the Middle East — could combine into one superstorm and bruise the economy next year, says New York University economist Nouriel Roubini.

Even if all four factors don’t collide into one powerful storm, the forecast is still bleak.

“The perfect storm is not my baseline scenario. My baseline scenario is one of low economic growth in advanced economies and recession in some of them — like the eurozone, like the U.K., like Japan — but not recession in the U.S., slower economic growth in emerging markets; that’s the baseline,” Roubini told Bloomberg.

“So even if you do avoid the perfect storm the outlook for the economy and for financial markets next year will be a bumpy and a risky one.”

Read more: Morgan Stanley: Global Recession Possible in 2013 


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