Welcome Home, Baby. QE2’s Diamond Jubilee.

1. This welcome home comment was made by entrepreneur Elon Musk at the Dragon splashdown. Thank goodness for Space X and marvelous flight successes. Hats off to NASA as well for its bold move toward commercial space efforts.

2. How can we NOT love Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second? An OpEd article suggested, ” we must not let daylight in upon magic [W. Bagehot]” .

This same article, celebrating her Diamond Jubilee for a 60 year reign, offered a keen comment about American Colonialism in 1976 Bicentennial celebrations.”We lost the American colonies because we lacked the statesmanship to know the right time, and the manner of yielding, what is impossible to keep.” Here’s to Her Majesty, timing / yielding and ongoing “magic”.


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A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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