Mum’s Day, #55 Buddy, Tax Freedom Day

Ah – that special day to say “THANKS Mom” is upon us.

Pretty clever of me to go on business travel instead of feeding my bride skinless grapes, pouring bubbly and whispering sweet nothings… Note to self!

San Diego said “see you later Junior” this week in a pretty moving celebration for the Charger’s #55 SAY OW. Was there an element of Houseman’s “Athlete Dying Young”? ref:

Some day this month of May is the long-awaited Tax Freedom Day – the normalized Day when we lucky Americans can start start paying ourselves, with Federal, State and Local Taxes ponied up.


Did I see our San Diego gas prices bump to $4.20 / gallon yesterday? If only a hybrid or electriv vehicle was in our near-term plans!


Here’s to you – Moms!


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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