Hope and Springs eternal

No lightning bolts struck me for missing my 3rd consecutive Easter Sunday (sit down) service.

Two years ago, our family caught two organ concerts (in St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey) – so that is a get out of jail card I suppose.

Last year – Easter was the day after the night before (for our daughter’s excellent wedding). Do I get credit for Easter Eve chapel???

This year – we missed services to install some counter lights at our son’s man-cave in Boston. Then my wife, son and I tried to stop at every Pub on Boston’s Freedom Trail.  My brother in law (a Southie) is proud of me.

Hats’ off to the BC Eagles for a third NCAA hockey championship in 5 years.We watched the 4-1 victory at Cityside near Boston’s Cleveland Circle.

Hats’ off to Mike Wallace for a reporter’s life in full.

Speaking of hope – I reviewed my nutrition, exercise and commitment to stave off my biological decay (see Younger Next Year :). I am resolved to shed those ounces of hops, barley, yeast and water that I consumed in Philadelphia and Boston on vacation. And the seafood consumed too… And the city’s best MAC and Cheese at the PVBLICK House on Beacon Street, and Matyson’s special dinner fare in Philly (NOT cheese steak by the way).

Here’s to a fine spring – with or without the gopher that is burrowing along our fence.


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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