National Chip and Dip Day!

Just thought I’d mention this newish Holiday (evidently a precursor to that great American Cinco de Mayo holiday).

I missed that geek holiday – National pi day (cleverly chosen as 3.14 🙂 ).

Does anyone feel happy for the newest Denver Bronco (with initials P.M)?

How many New Yorkers / New Jerseyites will do Te – bows when they pray?

Sean Payton looks like too nice a guy to be the head Bounty Hunter.  Guess I don’t read people well – DOG (the tv dude) looks like a bounty hunter – not Sean…

I didn’t know that Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll was a respected mathematician that may have conceived sports bracketology – so says the Wall Street Journal (Charles Dodgson – aka Lewis Carroll –


Go BC Eagles – win the NCAA Hockey tournament madness (again)!


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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