LA’s new Rock Star and more Madness

A 340 ton rock was the talk of the town as it was convoyed from inland quarry to the LA Art Museum to become a levitated objet d’art.

My Madness bracketology got clobbered by Duke’s No-SHOW.  I didn’t know that SLU played basketball and I had to research what a Billiken is.  In this case – the SLU mascot was indeed a “good-luck figure”.

On Thursday – I loyally picked our SDSU Aztecs (while sensing that the ACC’s Wolf Pack would prevail) as it just did over favored Georgetown to join the Sweet Sixteen.


How come no one has come up with a catchy name for the annual group of 32 teams?

Why are the Western Region games being played in Ohio?

Will our President be correct with his Tarheels prediction?  I sure hope the final game will be more exciting than last year’s when underdog Butler shot a whopping 18% from the field…


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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