Winter Ponderables

As we approach February 29th

(a quadrennial Leap dayImage – thanks to for the hoppy image above – btw);

 some ponderables came to mind:

1. Why does Apple Corporation have more cash on hand than our Federal Government?

2. Why are mid-day temperatures generally warmer in Philadelphia and Boston than in San Diego this month?

3. Why does our Executive Branch think that the ill-proven marshmallow gratification strategy will work (this came up after reading a WSJ OP-Ed this morning –

4. Why do our local news stations refuse to report real news?

5. Did real-life Navy SEALS really have to role-play in “Act of Valor”?

6. Will a silent, black and white flick really steal the show (so to speak) at the Oscars ceremony this Sunday?

7. Will I get my pre-Spring yard chores done this weekend?

8. Is Jeremy Lin a real deal – as in a lasting NBA star?  Whatever the outcome, this linsational buzz was/is much better than Tebowmania!

9. Will Mark Zuckerberg remember me in his will?  After all – I just want to share and connect as he does 🙂

10. Is a 16 cent rise at the fuel pump is just 3 days a record?


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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