Musings of Fall

While enjoying New England foliage on my drives through Taxachusetts and Connecticut – I got pensive about topics from America’s past time and Moneyball, to a world without Qaddhafi (yet also without Jobs, Cash and Hope as a WSJ op-ed mourned life with Steve, Johnny and Bob). I wondered if my Chargers will ever play to their potential and whether my 401Ks will ever regain mid-2008 levels. Not to worry – as the Market loves walls of worry and it “always climbs back” – right?
I thought about the unfairness of life’s dealings – like very rare and advanced bile duct cancer in a young adult that we know and love. I ended my pondering with a chuckle – seeing in my minds’ eye the motto on a coffee mug of my wife’s: ” Keep Calm and Carry On”. What alternative do we have? On to Trick or Treating and watching our President and Republican contenders jockey for the 2012 White House.


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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