Jobs (as in Steve) and Jobs (as in jobless “recovery”)

All the best to Steve Jobs as he steps back from the resurgent Apple Corporation as its Chief Visionary, ruthless businessman and market creator. All the best to his hand-picked relief (Mr. Cook) whom has very innovative and big shoes to fill.

There is a very short list of people that changed American (and world) living habits. Jobs belongs on that short list for creating mass markets based on aesthetics and software. Even I have an iPod.  Can the Apple magic continue?  Time will tell.

Speaking of that other “J” word – there isn’t much comfort about our miserable Job situation.  Keynesian stimuli didn’t work as we face one of the slowest bounce-backs from recessions of the last 50 years.  I sure hope that there is a silver lining in one of these economic clouds hanging heavily over our heads.

What me Worry?  Wall Street “Always climbs the wall of worry”.  Climb away – please.

Shifting and shaking from Wall Street to Wet and Wobbly streets:

What a tough climate week it was for folks on our Eastern seaboard -> experiencing a pretty large earthquake and the first major hurricane of this season.  Mother Nature can be a b!@#$.


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A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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