Mid-August Musings

A conservative Governor from Texas as a 2012 presidential hopeful – hmmm… Deja vu.

Does the Navy Football Team really  have  “WAVE RYDER” as one of its players?  Go Goats and surfers.

A trillion $ here, a trillion there (as in down the drain) – something happened to the jobless recovery.  I now lump my financial advisor with broken watches  – as even faulty timepieces are right twice a day.

Perhaps a nine day vacation will help our President regain his mojo.  Have many Americans have that luxury?

Gotta like a fitness specialist with a web site called “bodyforwife”. Kudos to this Canadian, James Fell,  for his comments about stress: “unrelieved stress turns you into an artery-clogged hippopotamus with Limbaugh-like bllod pressure and a lousy immune system…”  I think I’ll go exercise!

The SD Chargers – bound for Los Angeles or not – are now listed at 11/1 odds to be Super Bowl champs. Hope springs eternal.  My nickel bet is that the Packers will not repeat as SB champs.

Hats off to Trevor Hoffman, whose jersey will be retired by the SD Padres  next Sunday.  His longevity was amazing, as was his knack for serving up home run pitches when it counted most. By that I mean in playoff and World Series games that I attended. And DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak will never be matched – nice try Dan Uggla.


About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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