Novels are written about weeks like this

Post-“Rapture” news this week has been spellbinding, tragic and transitional in a happy way (at least for me).


How Joplin Missouri bootstraps after that most devastating of twisters is unknown – even with the positive vibes and prayers of many behind those survivors in a ravaged town.


After getting dressed down by PM Netanyahu; President O’bama  got away to quaff a Dublin pint, then bogeyed early from the Emerald Isles due to an Icelandic volcano that didn’t respect  Air Force 1’s air space. 

> Barack and David Cameron  may need a wee bit more practice in ping pong. 

> I wonder what matrimonial advice Michelle and Barack gave to William and Kate?

Ever to Excel:

Our son was among the happy graduates of Boston College programs on Monday in Alumni Stadium . 

The Honorable Ray LaHood, Transportation Secretary, was witty, played his social network cards and spoke of “cross-aisle” collaboration to achieve great things on the national and international scene. Our Country truly needs great things and the Class of 2011 may be a part of that needed greatness… 

His witty remarks can be viewed @

Go set the world aflame Eagles! (and thank you, Boston, for 8 great college years).

I bought Atlas Shrugged  in paperback for the long  flight home – Ayn Rand will keep me busy for a long spell. That extended reading will be my “free use of the mind”.


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A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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