Thinking about Mississippi

With the airing of a Freedom Riders’ flashback show on PBS tonight, and with our Army Corps of Engineers’ tough decisions made – this week has put Mississippi in the news…

1. Having Dreams:

Congressman Bob Filner and other Freedom Riders were brave souls indeed 50 years ago. Leaving cozy college dorms above the Mason Dixon line to peacefully confront deep rooted segregation and violence must have been daunting.  Here’s to those underdogs with dreams that made a big difference.

2. No easy Answer  for our Army Corps of Engineers!

Not many dry levees in the Deep South  this spring. Choosing River cities over farmlands and rural residents – what a tough judgment call.  Though Baton Rouge and N’awleans appreciate this historic Mississippi  flood aversion; I feel for the many thousands of farmers whose land and livelihood will be uprooted.


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