A shorthand “S” week for memorable events

1. What a week it was – starting last Sunday with the SEAL Team 6 road victory  in sleepy Abbottabad.

Yet our POTUS said a few days later that “we” don’t spike the ball” in America – what Sunday NFL games has he missed?  That tough decision aside about photo releases – PAul Wolfowitz gave our President a KUDO for “the  Virtue of BOLDNESS”.

2. Silver markets adjusted soutward – possibly because Joe or Sally Six-Pack heard about that strong investment to inflate the bubble.

3. SONY said “so-sorry” for the major hacker/cracker breaches of its Game Cloud defenses.

4. Syria certainly isn’t enjoying an Arab Spring yet.

5. Not many “S(trikeouts)” – yet we did have two  MLB No-Hitters.

6. So sad (not) – the LA Lakers were SWEPT

Let’s see what next week  brings us…



About davidefrost

A Vermont Yankee in Southern California.
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