Hope for Retirees ?! and a Russian Poet’s “Love of Life on the Downside”


1. HOPE!

Thanks to two WSJ OPED authors that assured me Boomers may have bigger nest eggs that some darned FED statistics suggest.

The link to this upbeat Golden Year article is: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304603704579329012635470796 [ this is the source of my nest egg image by the way ].

2. Loving Life on the Downslope – Thank you Pushkin!

Quoting from a recent WSJ article about a classic mid-life elegy (http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304325004579298622623826110)

“Pushkin bestows what is almost certainly among the shortest and most powerful inventory of life’s immutable treasures penned by a poet:

“I know there shall be enjoyments for me

Amid sorrows, cares and anxieties:

At times I again will be intoxicated by harmony,

Weep over my fantasy’s creation,

And perhaps on my sad sunset

Love will shine its farewell smile.” “

Enough said for now (as I’m looking downslope).

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Private Elvis Presley, US Army

 With spring upon us, I’ll  muse about 2 happy days in our WayBack Machine for earlier March 24ths -

 - First Elvis Presley’s induction into our US Army on March 24th, 1958, Thank you, Thank you very much for serving.

In the fifties, uniformed service was okay for celebrities and sports heros – Willie Mays, Jerry Coleman, Ted Williams…

- And second – on this day in 1839, the term “all correct” gained the shorthand phrase “OK”. How ’bout that?


I wish world affairs were “OK” . Yet with a Russian Thug pushing his weight around, mudslides in Washington state snuffing out citizens, Sunni/Shiite strife, and the confirmation of Malaysia Flt 370′s ending in the Indian Ocean – things on this crazy planet have been better.


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Black and White

Week 1 of Sochi surprises included the end of Shaun White’s half pipe reign.
As that played out, the world said goodbye to Shirley Temple Black.
Two different entertainers with a common ability to please millions.
Life goes on, yet it won’t be the same in black and white.

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Ed Sullivan’s Beatles show 50 years ago, Goodbye Jay Leno, Super Bowl correlation to Stocks this year?

Though our Frost B&W television was pretty tiny and I wasn’t a fan of the English invasion as a fourth grader – I do remember the really big Show that Ringo, John, Paul and George gave us colonials a half-century ago.  Re mem mem…



Tuesday’s farewell by Jay Leno should be memorable yet you’ll have to share it with me the next morning.

Oh how I hope the wacky correlation between a NFL victory in Super Bowl 48 and stock market performance for 2014 will hold.  This market needs a subjective boost.

What a lopsided game – take that Denver.  Defense wins Super Bowls…

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We’ll miss ya – Pete Seeger!

What the Weavers and Pete did with unique chords and lyrics will never be forgotten.  What a free spirit!

  • Where did all those flowers go?
  • What would I do if I did have a HAMMER?
  • Should I turn, turn or TURN?

January 28, 1986 was an awful day for our Space program.  Though we lost the first of several Space Shuttle crews with the Challenger launch on a too-cold day, Reagan’s speech made me proud:


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Arctic Blasts elsewhere – we’ve got our own problem – DROUGHT!

The Golden State will be the ever-brown state if we don’t get precipitation regularly and often.

We San Diegans feel for the frozen tundra and deep slow millions, yet we’re praying for serious rain in these parts.

Musing about the Super Bowl 48 weather, but more about that awesome MAC 1984 Ad – re-mem-mem…

Bye bye to the NBA Commish  and to the Fed’s Ben Bernanke.

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Starting 2014 Off Right: Blogs on Fitness and Healthy Eating


Making our 2014 wellness resolutions stick (beating the odds)…

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:

One of the strengths of WordPress.com is the community — a global network of users, learning from one another and supporting each other. Earlier this month, Michelle shared blogs within the mental health community, and we’ll continue to highlight blogs that promote health and wellness. Today, let’s take a look at blogs focused on exercise, fitness, and healthy eating. (As a bonus, we’ve included steps on how to use our new recipe shortcode, which might be handy for those of you with food and recipe blogs.)

Exercise and fitness

You’ll find many bloggers writing about exercise and fitness in the Reader. Personal trainer Ariana Dane offers general advice on exercise and nutrition at Living a Balanced Life that is motivating but realistic: from skipping new year’s resolutions to slowing down and being mindful of what causes you stress

View original 742 more words

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